Massage Away
Massage away stress, tension and sore muscles

About the Practitioner

Amy Eckard, C.M.T.


I graduated from Virginia Learning Institute in Falls Church, VA in 2002.  After completing massage school, I successfully passed the national test and keep my state certification current.

I successfully completed continuing education courses in Myofascial Release (MFR) from John Barnes (the guru of MFR!)

In May 2013 I attended a massage conference in Atlanta, GA and received excellent training from Aaron Mattes, the founder of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and world-renowned James Waslaski who taught Integrative Massage Therapy, a 12-step protocol involving assessment, various techniques for treatment and stretching/strengthening exercises to help the client reduce pain and injuries.

In 2015 I attended a conference in Virginia Beach, VA and received excellent training in advanced Myofascial Release from Til Lachau

Preparing for Nursing school, I successfully passed anatomy, microbiology and chemistry courses.  These courses were more in-depth than what massage school offered.  Although I did not complete nursing school because of cataracts, I learned a wealth of information relating to health issues.


I believe that a key to having a better quality of life is to be pain-free.  When you are not focused on pain or stress, you are happier.  One way to decrease pain/stress in a natural way is to get regular massages.  I believe using natural ways to heal lead to a better quality of life.  During my sessions, I try to get to the root of the pain by asking questions about your daily activities.   That helps me to suggest ways you might change bad posture habits or other unhealthy habits which may be contributing to your pain.  If I don't know the answers, I try to find out from other therapists or physicians so I can inform the client on how to better manage their pain.

Why did I switch from computers to massage?!

I have always wanted to help people.  After 16 years in the computer industry, I decided to make a change to match what I believed in.  I was a volunteer firefighter for several years while working as a database analyst, but had to turn in my fire hat because of being on-call all the time for work -- couldn't tell them to stop the fire truck to answer work-pager!  I really enjoyed working with the firefighters and medics.  

During a trip to Germany to see where I was born, I sat next to a nurse who was reading a massage magazine.  She raved about how wonderful it was to be a massage therapist, being able to help her patients reduce their pain, just by a simple massage.  The smiles they gave her made it all worthwhile.   I decided that massage was something I could look into as another career.   When I got to Germany, my friend gave me my first massage--just 15 minutes--and I was in HEAVEN!  Why didn't I get massages earlier in life? (Thumps hand on forehead)

When I got home, I started looking up massage schools in my area.  One night, I was playing  online backgammon with a friend in California while I was looking up schools.  He complained, "Why are you taking so long to move?"  I answered, "I'm looking up massage schools."  He laughed and said, "I'm in one right now!"  Everything pointed to MASSAGE, so I took the giant leap to change careers.

A little bit more about me

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and have lived all over the U.S. (Northern Virginia--3 different times, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina and now the Eastern Shore of Virginia)  Good thing I LOVE to travel!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit other parts of the world--Argentina, Canada (hockey fan here!), Bermuda, Germany, London, Iceland and Russia (Moscow and Leningrad).

Each place has it's own unique things to offer.  Everyone I have met along the way has the same desire--to be happy, loved and without pain.

I believe in God and attend Atlantic United Methodist Church in Atlantic, VA.  I believe in giving back to the community through monetary donations and helping out with fundraisers.  I also believe in prayer, and at the start of each session (whether it is table or chair massage), I say a prayer for my client.  I truly care about the people I come in contact with and wish God's blessings on them.

I have a garden that I grow a lot of my own food (if I can keep the weeds out!).  Gardening, although a lot of work, is my meditation/relaxation time...and the wonderful feeling of picking the fruits/vegetables of my labor is awesome!

My favorite sports are hockey and football (Go CAPITALS!  GO VIKINGS!) and ACC basketball (GO WOLFPACK!)

I graduated from North Carolina State University in 1984 (hence the GO WOLFPACK!) with a degree in Computer Science.  I worked in the computer industry for 16 years before becoming a massage therapist.

If you have any questions about me or massage, feel free to ask!